Student Spotlight: Ryann Anderson Loves Her Dogs

Ryann Anderson is a sophomore who is in love with her dogs.

Ryann Anderson and Katelyn Peckinpaugh

She enjoys spending time with her animals, and she always makes time for them.

“I have four dogs,” she said, “I love spending time with them and cuddling with them.”

“Bailey has a mental disability, but she is my favorite.”

“Diesel loves to snuggle, and he thinks he is a lap dog,” said Anderson, “He eats a lot, too.”

“My entire family takes part in caring for them, and they eat a lot of food. “They all eat the same thing, but Diesel always eats more.”

“I don’t really spend much time with Ansley and Pepper, but I love them just as much,” she said.

“Ansley is a really small dog,” she said, “I call her my rat.”

“I love them all and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”