Items Needed for Students Freshmen Year of Dorm Life

Students who are preparing to live in their  college dorms will need some things to make dorm life more tolerable.

A reliable laptop is one of the most important items to purchase.

Their are budget friendly laptops for students. Make a Google search to find some ideas.

Printers are not necessarily essential, but it is still great to have one for convenience.

Most universities have printers, but it is very helpful to have one in your own room. A remote printer is really helpful because a student may use his/her phone, etc.

Plastic underbed storage is very useful and saves space.

A small collapsible laundry hamper, or laundry bag, is easy to put under the bed or in the closet to save space.

Some of the most essential things for your desk are a desk lamp and trash can.

A  dry erase calendar or bulletin board is useful to keep track of everything; these are also useful to hang on the room door in case a student needs to leave a message for someone.

Temporary wall hangers  work without using nails or screws; they are useful for hanging artwork, etc., without permanently marring the wall.

A small tool kit is recommended so they are able to fix small things around the dorm if they breaks. A needle and thread are also useful tools to have.

A first aid kid with basic things like bandaids, alcohol wipes, pain relievers, tweezers, and flu medications are great additions to a dorm room. Students never know when they will get sick; having basic supplies on hand is very useful.

An emergency stash of cash is also helpful.