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Jeans Versus Sweatpants

Sweats or jeans?

Both jeans and sweatpants are well-liked throughout our school, but the real question is which are the most popular?

Sweatpants are known for being comfortable, but jeans can easily dress up an outfit.

“I like to wear sweatpants more than jeans because they are much more comfortable and warm,” Annie Terry, senior, said. “I own more jeans because I feel like I look more put together when I wear them.”

“I like sweatpants if they’re like joggers better than jeans because they are more comfortable to wear,” Mrs. Deborah Maxey, school librarian, said. “I own more jeans because I think they look better when worn.”

“I like to wear sweatpants more than jeans because sweats are more comfortable,” Robin (Leighann) Gibson, freshman, said. “I own more jeans, and I think jeans look better on other people and myself.”

Other students choose style over comfort and prefer jeans.

“I like to wear jeans more than I wear sweatpants because they make you look better,” Dasia Lampkins, freshman, said. “I own more jeans than sweatpants, but I think a lot of people can pull off sweatpants and make them look just as good as jeans.”

“I like jeans better because not a lot of sweatpants fit the way I want them to,” Ashton Flick, sophomore, said. “I own a lot more jeans than sweatpants. I think it depends on the outfit, but generally speaking, jeans make people look better and more put together.”



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