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Skipping Thanksgiving?

A controversial new trend moves from  Halloween decor directly to Christmas, while leaving poor Thanksgiving as the stepchild.

Christmas decorations are a family tradition. Lately, families are encountering opposition from friends and family members who protest that early Christmas decor means Thanksgiving is skipped.

After surveying CHS students, it seems that over 75%  start decorating for Christmas right after Halloween.

“Once my [Christmas] decorations are out, Christmas is all I think about,” said Hannah Wilson, junior. “I love the energy that Christmas brings out in everyone.”

“My mom and I put up our decorations the weekend after Halloween,” said Caitlynn Hawkins, junior. “It’s a family tradition we have had for as long as I remember.”

Some students put their tree up after Thanksgiving, to give Thanksgiving its moment in the spotlight.

“If I set up my decorations too early, I will get tired of looking at them,” said Madison Swanson, junior. “I won’t even be excited for it once Christmas finally arrives.”

“My family has many traditions, but waiting to put our tree up is honestly my favorite,” said Mary Ross, junior. “The anticipation of waiting makes it more fun.”

Teachers are the opposite, the majority agree to wait until December to start decorating.

“I think it’s tacky to start decorating for the Christmas holiday before Thanksgiving has even started,” said Kimberly Dooley, history department.

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