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Favorite Christmas Foods

Students, during the holiday season, love to eat special foods that they associate with family, friends, and celebrations.

Here are some of their favorites:

“My favorite food made for Christmas is breakfast casserole,” Annie Terry, senior, said. “I love it because it mixes all my favorite breakfast foods like eggs and sausages together. My mama makes it every year, but only at Christmas.”

“I love cinnamon cooked apples because they are scrumptious,” Avery Tucker, Tunstall freshman, said. “My mom makes them.”

“My favorite is country ham,” Deborah Maxey, school librarian, said.”It’s my favorite because I don’t get it any other time of the year. My mother-in-law makes it for us.”

“My favorite food for Christmas is mac and cheese because it’s my favorite,” Ashton Flick, sophomore, said. “Either my mom or my dad makes it. They have Velvetta, several shredded cheeses, and then add Tillamook cheese on it. The secret ingredient is sour cream. It is heavenly.”

“I like truffles the best because they bring back good memories of me and my grandma making them,” Mason Harmon, senior, said. “They are fudge chocolate things with sprinkles.”

“My favorite is breakfast quiche,” Avery Norton, freshman, said. “I love it because it has eggs and other foods that I love in it. My mom makes it for us.”

“I like banana pudding for Christmas,” Peyton Owen, freshman, said. “It’s very good and my grandma makes it.”

These special foods remind people of their loved ones and the specialness of the holidays.







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