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Christmas Presents 2023

Most everyone enjoys getting gifts on Christmas.

“I am most excited to get my  530 New Balances,” Annie Terry, senior, said. “I just really want new shoes and they look nice. They cost about $100 and you can buy them off the New Balance website. My mom is going to get them for me.”

“I am very excited to get an iPad for Christmas this year,” Kylee Taylor, freshman, said.”I want to play games, watch movies, and call people on it. My grandma is getting it from Amazon for me.”

“I can’t wait to get my Marc Jacob Snapshot purse,” Makhayiah Hairston, freshman, said. “It’s $325 and you can get it off the Marc Jacob website. My mama is getting it for me.”

“I am getting plain white Nike Blazers,” Leighann Gibson, freshman, said. “I want them because they are super cute, and I’ve wanted them for a while. My aunt is getting them for me and they cost $105.

“I’m most excited to get my olive colored Jordan 4 shoes,” A’livia Alexander, Gretna freshman, said. “I really like the color, and I can match with my friend. They cost $160, and you can get them online at Nike or Footlocker or JD. My dad is getting them for me.”

“My favorite thing I’m asking for would probably be my concert tickets,” Karlee Sims, freshman, said. “I want them because I’ve been a fan of the band for like two years now, and they were really cheap. You can buy them off Instagram or Seatgeek. They are about $70 and my grandma is getting them for me.”

“I’m most excited for Sol Janeiro 62 perfume,” Avery Norton, freshman, said. “It smells really good and you get it from Ulta. My mom is getting it for me and it cost around $40.”




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