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    How Teachers Feel about Chromebooks

    Teachers at CHS have a love/hate relationship with Chromebooks.

    Often, teachers express frustrations with habits that the students have over Chromebook usage.

    “Kids should be on task, and come with them charged; they need to stop watching movies and focus on work,” said Ms. Yolanda Shields, math instructor.

    “My students are not allowed on Chromebooks until they are finished with all of their work. I also only use paper since math is easier to show work for on paper. Students are not responsible for when it comes to charging their Chromebooks,  and when they need them, they’re always dead,” said Miss Alexandra Reid, math instructor.

    “My students use them everyday for classwork to save paper; most of their work is done and turned in on the Chromebooks. But some students forget their chargers and are heavily distracted by them. How responsible they are varies from student to student. I personally blocked websites like YouTube so my students can’t access them,” said Mr. Roger Maxfield, history instructor.

    Some teachers prefer Chromebooks and others don’t. The overall pros for Chromebooks were it being easier to get work done. The cons for Chromebooks were students forgetting their chargers and not actually doing their work.

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