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Senior Night Game

Amare Word, freshman, starting point guard, varsity.
Brenden Hedrick, junior, starting small forward. varsity.
Jonavan Coles, senior, is a starting shooting guard, varsity.

The Varsity Boys Basketball team recently had their senior night game in the gym to celebrate the seniors on the team and unfortunately lost.

Many players and witnesses of the game had their thoughts on senior night.

“The game was interesting and there was a lot of teamwork,” said Amiracle Starling, the junior team manager.

“We could not score the basketball, and our defense was not good at all,” stated Jaden Breedlove, junior.

“We fought well. Our defense fell after the first half,” said Jonavon Coles, senior.

Players were devastated that they lost such an intense game. Here are their thoughts on how they think they lost the game.

“We kept turning the ball over,” said Kobe Reynolds, a sophomore.

“We were not moving the ball very well, trying to find the open man in the second half,” stated Brenden Hedrick, junior.

“Rebounding was our biggest problem,” said Amare Word, a freshman.

“It was bad defense and the shots weren’t falling in the goal,” said Jaden Breedlove, a junior.

A lot of the Varsity Basketball team members had a lot to say about why they feel like they’ve lost that game.

Here are the team members thoughts on who kept motivating the team to keep going, and not give up.

“I feel like I kept the team going by hyping my team members up,” stated James Long Jr., a senior.

“I felt like Jonavon kept us motivated, even though our shots weren’t going in,” said Kobe Reynolds, a sophmore.

“Our coach,Coach Jamie, kept us motivated and always told us to never give up, said Javion Martin, a senior.

The players were most definitely, but yet, still disappointed that they’ve lost. The players have at least 2 more games left, and they were asked if they still felt motivated to keep going. Here are their thoughts.

“Most definitely, I feel like we can win against Gretna our next game. I want to win,” stated Antonio Luck Jr., a junior.

“Maybe, but I’m more focused on football,” stated Jaden Breedlove.

“Yes, I think we can beat Gretna one more time our next game,” said Amiracle Starling.

The team members and the team manager are confident and positive that they are going to beat Gretna their next game. They were asked if they thought they were going to regionals. Here are their thoughts.

“Yes because we are a great organization,” stated Amare Word.

“We might if we execute,” said Brenden Hedrick.

“Yes, I think we are most definitely going to make it to regionals,” said Kobe Reynolds.

The Varsity basketball team lost their second game they played against Gretna, but they still have a chance to go to regionals.








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