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    Reserve Prom for Juniors and Seniors

    Freshmen and sophomores want to attend the Junior-Senior Prom in March at Atkinson Barn.

    For decades, underclassmen have been prohibited from attending the prom.

    The students and teachers mainly agreed it should stay the same.

    “The younger kids would be too immature, horseplay, and cause chaos,” Mr. Adam Tate, personal finance and digital applications teacher. Prom is supposed to be a moment of memory for the last weeks of school. It’s not for everyone; we are a smaller school so juniorsĀ  are able to join for it’s supposed to be a send-off for the seniors.”

    Other teachers agree.

    “To keep tradition, it should be limited to juniors and seniors,” Mrs. Wendy Kapp, English department teacher, said. “There are specific events for certain classes. Something to look forward to.”

    “We don’t have the capacity; no space for all grade levels,” Ms. Allie Reid, math instructor. “Also, underclassmen are way too immature.”

    Students agreed that the prom should be reserved for upperclassmen.

    “There should be something to look forward to during our junior and senior years that are reserved just for certain grades,” Alyssa Harrison, sophomore, said.


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