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    Should Students Bathroom Usage Be Limited?

    Students are often frustrated by limited bathroom passes.

    “I don’t think that  bathroom limits are reasonable at all, and I really don’t think there should be penalties for going over the limits,” Kailey Mitchen, sophomore. “Bathroom usage should not be limited because students need to stay hydrated and the passes limit the ability,” Mitchen said.

    Other students agreed with Mitchen.

    “Everyone should have the freedom to use the bathroom without having to worry about being tardy,” Madison Sharp, sophomore, said.

    Students drink a lot of water and in turn have to use the bathroom,” Darrian Sharroli, sophomore, said.

    “Limiting the [bathroom] privilege helps prevent negative encounters, and instead of ISS, students should have a sit  down talk to get to the root of the issue,” Mrs. Cheryl Waller, independent living teacher, said.

    “If there is no limit, then students will ask to go every five minutes,” Mr. Roger Maxfield, history department, said. “If students are not punished, then they will not learn.”

    “Students should be limited because the constant flow to the bathroom is disruptive,” Mrs. Wendy Kapp, English department said. ” If there is no discipline then  there is no need for the rule.”


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