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    School lunch change

    Do students enjoy lunch at CHS

    School lunches are not that popular anymore.

    Teachers and students generally agree that there is room for improvement with school lunches.

    Most teachers say it doesn’t really concern them since they don’t eat it, but there is still room for change.

    Some students don’t have opinions because they bring their lunches.

    “I eat it sometimes, but I prefer the food I bring from home,” Ms. Yolanda Shields said. “I think there should be more options; more teachers would eat it and kids would enjoy it.

    Some people argue that the food is fine, and they do not see any cons to it.

    “I think the food is great,” Mrs. Wendy Kapp, English department, said. “I usually choose a healthy option like a salad.”

    Others disagree.

    “Eating the same food over and over again gets boring, doesn’t give students a variety, and can lead to a dislike of the food,” Madison Sharp, sophomore, said.

    “When was the last time you heard someone excited to eat school food?” Ethan Jacobs, freshman said. “I don’t like lunch here at all, they need to change it as soon as possible.”

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