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The Dress Code

The school dress code is a controversial topic between teachers, students, and other staff in the school.

Throughout the school year, there are many talks, punishments, and meetings about the school dress code.

The most common issues with the dress code this school year revolves around leggings, bare shoulders, and bare midriffs.

In the school handbook that is given to all of the students at the very being of the year is the dress code.

The dress code for leggings states: “If leggings, compression, or yoga pants are worn, opaque (NOT SEE THROUGH) apparel that is fingertip length using the lowest finger on the hand of the student, both in the front and back, must also be worn.”

For the shoulders, “… and cover at least (2) inches of each shoulder… Shoulder straps shall be at least two inches in width.”

Then for the midriff, there is no actual mention, but what it applies to is, ” All apparel must be opaque (NOT SEE THROUGH) with no visible skin showing…”

Even though these stipulations are clearly listed students feel the need to show their personality through their clothes.

“Legging are not bad, if they are not see-through,” Alexandra Reid, a math teacher, said. “Students can wear them as long as long as they are long enough and that the body is not seen through the leggings.”

“I think that a midriff showing should not be too much, just an inch or two,” Tracee Saunders, junior, said. “Shoulder exposure doesn’t bother me at all.”

“Keep the school dress code rule about leggings the same as it is,” Mrs. Sandra Whitehead, guidance department, said.

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