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TikTok Ban

Jalen Coleman on TikTok (Jordyn Burgess)

A popular app, TikTok, could be banned, and that has some people in an uproar.

The bill proposes that ByteDance sell the app or has the app removed from the app stores.

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Overwhelmingly, students said that TikTok should not be banned.

“TikTok should not be banned because the app shows people new things, and it’s very entertaining,” Teiojae Brandon, senior, said. “People can voice their opinions freely and have important conversations.”

“Honestly, we have so many forms of social media; we would just move on to another option. We would just move to something else,” Brooke Mahaley, senior, said. “But, I still don’t think it should be banned. If the government bans one app then what else would they try to ban?”

“TikTok better not be banned; that is where I get all of my recipes and DIY’s from,” Donia Gashan, senior, said.

Many students rely on TikTok for entertainment.

“TikTok should not be banned because it is the only thing I do,” Katelyn Robinson, senior, said.

“TikTok is a lot of people’s jobs, and it is the easiest way small businesses can get attention,” David Rice, senior, said.

“They shouldn’t ban TikTok because it is a learning app, and it kills time,” Anaya Alleyne, senior, said. “Banning TikTok would just be a bad idea because it is a place to practice free speech.”

“I don’t think the app should be banned,” Audrey Erickson, junior, said. “I think it can be very entertaining and informative where you can spread news easily. It’s also great for small businesses. I will say, TikTok has bad people on it, and it can be toxic, but I think that is a problem with any social media site that needs to be resolved.”

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