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Exam Study Tips

Exams are coming up, and students need tips to help them study for upcoming finals.

“Personally, I study with a friend; friends make studying more fun,” David Rice, senior, said. “Also, studying is different for everyone and finding a way that works for you is best. Breaks are also important in between studying so you will not overwork yourself.”

“I like to study with flashcards; they help me memorize, and it’s easier for me to go throughout the cards,”Jordyn Burgess, senior said. “I also use the method of writing things over and over again to help myself memorize. Breaks are also mandatory for me during study periods.”

“I use note cards because they are easy to use, and it helps me organize from what I actually need to study for, “Shakira Royal, senior said. “You shouldn’t be studying everyday and overworking yourself; the material won’t stay in your mind as well.”

“I like to get review packets and highlight the things I need to know.  I usually read them a couple of times a night before I go to sleep,” Brennen Oakes, junior said. “I do this because there’s a theory saying you remember things more when you think of it before bed.”

“I study with flashcards. They help me with remembering the material more easily rather than just reading a paper,” John Dalton, senior said. “Flashcards have always helped me, and you can study by yourself easily.”



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