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Summer Break

The school year is almost over and summer break is about to begin.

Most people may just be hanging out with friends or staying in Virginia.

“I’m going to Busch Gardens with my friend for her birthday and buying her gifts,” Hayden Busby, sophomore, said. “I also might be going to the beach”

“I’m gonna work at a pool as a lifeguard and work on driving so that I can be ready for my licence,” Rowan Erickson, sophomore, said

“I’m gonna stay home most of the time and either sleep or play games,” Shaun Moon, junior, said.

“I’m gonna be focusing on soccer and work” Carmen Royal,junior, said. “I’m also gonna hang out with friends when I can.”

“I plan on working all summer so that I can make money,” Tara Hatcher, junior, said.

Some people are going out of state for their summer break.

“I’m going to Tennessee to see family for a week, and I’m going to Busch Gardens with my friend for my birthday,” Elizabeth Yeatts, sophomore, said.

“I’m going to New Jersey over the summer and going to band camp for the new marching band season,” Kennedy Hanks, junior, said.

“I’m going to Florida and going to band camp,” Zachary Stowe, sophomore, said.

“I’m going to North Carolina and I’m going to band camp for the new season,” Adrienne Slatoff, sophomore, said. “Im also going to be dog sitting over the weekends.”

Everyone is excited for summer. Whether it’s sleeping in or going out it seems students can’t wait for summer break.






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