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Are Advanced Classes Really that Difficult?

Advanced classes are popular, but many students avoid them for a variety of reasons.

The benefits that come with taking advanced classes are often simply the perception that the harder classes on transcripts will help students get into their college of choice.

Some students avoid advanced classes because they think the classes are extremely hard. Some students, however, say the classes are not that difficult at all and even recommend them.

“I take advanced classes, and they are not really hard,” Zakyah Mansfield, a sophomore, said. “They are more of a challenge to learn. I would definitely recommend them.”

“Yeah, I take those classes. They are not really hard, I got to take them to go to college. I don’t really learn necessarily more, but it is just quicker,” said Steven Glass, a sophomore.

“I do take advanced classes, they are not really difficult,” Aubrey Alderson, sophomore, said. “I do feel like I learn more. I would recommend them.”

“No, they are not really hard, the classes are more at a faster pace. I would rather take advanced classes because you can still get a “B” and it still count as an “A,” said Gabrielle Custer, a freshman, “I took advanced geometry.”

“The material is very easy. I like taking advanced because I like the challenge. I took advanced English and advanced earth science,” said Esirah Scott, a sophomore.

Teachers’ opinions vary.

“It depends. If you go to college, do the classes,” Jordan Buchanan, mathematics teacher, said. “Also, don’t take them if you are not willing to put in the work. They are supposed to be faster.  You need organization skills, listening skills, focusing skills, and time management skills for those classes.”

“I would recommend them,” Amanda Riley, English teacher, said. “I think that they should be faster. To be in an advanced class a student needs to be able to work independently, verbalize, think outside the box, take initiative, and ask questions.”

Advanced classes have a bad reputation, but students say that the belief of their being more difficult is simply not true.

The classes aid students by providing them with more information that is given a bit faster, but not necessarily more difficult.



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