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Fame or Fortune?



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Students and faculty overwhelmingly would rather be rich than famous.

Most seem to be interested in winning the lottery than being famous.

“I would rather win the lottery, so I could just take the money and do anything I want with it without having to work,” Mr. Adam Tate, finance and economics teacher, said. “I will rather have a lot of money, I don’t want to be famous and have attention on me,”

” I would prefer winning the lottery to buy my family nice things and get anything I want with my money,” Semiyah Royal, junior, said.

“I would want to win the lottery; I don’t really care about being famous. I just want my money,” Jaden Breedlove, junior, said.

“I would rather win the lottery; I want the money not the fame,” Antonio Luck Jr. said. “I will invest my money.”

“I would prefer win the lottery because it’s money over being famous,” Nicholas Tucker, junior, said.

“I would rather win the lottery because I want the money… who wouldn’t take it?” Zander Cornell, senior, said.

Many people who want the money, have specific wish lists to fulfill.

“I would rather win the lottery, and I would invest it and then get a yacht, “Noah Carter, senior, said.

“I would rather win the lottery and get my house, build it from the ground up, and get an apartment built ,” Ebonee Linder, senior, said.

“I would like to win the lottery; and when I do win the lottery, I’m going to go “ghost” and get me a house in the middle of nowhere,” James Long Jr., senior, said.

Just a couple of people would rather become famous, and one person combines both.

“I would rather win the lottery; I will be famous after I win the lottery,”Mr. Patrick Riley, personal finance and economics, said.

“I would rather become famous, I can use my fans and get money buy selling items and product,”Eric Wilson Jr., freshman, said.


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