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R3 Fitness Gym

R3 Fitness is a popular gym among students at CHS located in Tightsqueeze.

R3 is open 24 hours each day for its members.

Many people enjoy the gym because of its atmosphere.

“I like the community and the equipment there,” Jacobi Bradner, freshman, said.

“I like that the prices are low, the community is nice, and it’s close to home,” Ethan Jacobs, freshman, said.

“I like the environment and the machines it has,” Ashton Flick, sophomore, said. “The old people there are inspirational. They’ll be like, ‘Do it, kiddo.'”

“They have a nice environment, and I like that they have a Stairmaster,” Kevin Argueta, freshman, said.

“I feel safe there because it’s in a well-lit area, and the doors are always locked,” Lindsey Evans, junior, said.

Heidi Tosh, junior, attends R3 for an arm day.

Some students have favorite machines in the gym.

“My favorite machine is the hip abductor/adductor,” Flick said.

“I like the shoulder press,” Brenden Hedrick, junior, said.

“My favorite pieces of equipment are the Stairmaster and the Smith machine,” Evans said.

The R3 Fitness logo is displayed on the wall in front of the entrance.

Students are fond of the location of the gym.

“It’s the closest gym, and it’s open 24 hours,” James Elliott, freshman, said.

“I like that it’s close to my house, the school, and Food Lion,” Evans said.

The yoga mat and weighted balls are located next to the entrance of the gym.

Chase Hillman, junior, likes how the gym is arranged.

“I like the new style in it,” Hillman said. “They moved the weights around, and they have a variety of machines.”

Others do not like the gym’s setup.

“It’s kind of weird squatting in the front of the gym,” Elliott said. “I wish it was still in the back.”

“I do not like the setup,” Flick said. “They keep moving things.”

The ladies’ locker room contains plenty of storage for belongings during workouts.

Some believe that R3 is not spacious enough.

“It’s so small, and it’s hot,” Evans said.

“It is a little small,” Hedrick said. “The machines are close together.”

“It needs more space,” Aaron Riley, freshman, said. “It’s too tight.”

Few students do not like the music that is played in the gym.

“The music is the same thing every day, and it sucks,” Argueta said.

“The radio station never changes,” Evans said.

R3 Fitness has a wide variety of weights to choose from.

Students appreciate the gym hours.

“It’s cheap, close by, and open 24 hours,” Riley said.

“I like that there are not a lot of people in there when I go, and I like that I can go whatever time I want because it doesn’t close,” Hedrick said.






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