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Teachers Changing Their Minds

Some CHS teachers did not always want to be teachers.

When people are young, they frequently change their minds regarding career choices.

“I wanted to be a veterinarian,” Amanda Riley, English teacher, said. “I changed my mind when I went to the veterinarian’s office and experienced what they did. The next summer, I took a job at a camp and worked with kids of different ages. I liked working there a lot, ” said Riley. “So I decided to become a teacher.”

Deborah Maxey, school librarian, wanted to be a nurse, but she has a terrible fear of blood. Since she has that fear, she decided to marry and have kids. After that, she went back to college for her teaching degree. Maxey had previously gone to college, and had a dairy science degree and went to college for pharmaceutical work.

Cheryl Waller, independent living teacher, wanted to be a house wife. ” I didn’t think much passed that, I just wanted a husband and kids,” said Waller. When Waller’s youngest kid went to kindergarten, she went to college because she was volunteering a lot at her child’s school. ” The middle school principal said to me, ” Since you are around here so much, might as well work here.” so I decided I would go back to college,” said Waller.

James Banks, physical education teacher, wanted to either be in the NFL or a police officer – a part of a S.W.A.T team. When he was in school, he was minoring for coaching, then he tore his ACL. Once he graduated, he coached at the college he attended. ” I really did like coaching there, it was fun,” said Banks. ” P.E. was in my bachelors degree, so I decided to work with that.”

Zachary Williams, a science teacher, had wanted to be an engineer. What deterred him from the idea was a “bad” calculus teacher in college. “He would bully his students, he was just very terrible to us. I didn’t like him at all,” said Williams. After that class, he decided that he would go to teaching instead.

Dent Holden, a history teacher, didn’t really have a specific goal in mind. He was a good student at school and was undecided for what he wanted to do in life. In college, he was in an economist class, but ultimately decided he would not pursue that career. ” I had good experiences in school. I had a parent that also taught and so I wanted to teach as well,” said Holden.

Roger Maxfield, history teacher, actually got his dream job. From a kid, he has wanted to be a teacher. In seventh grade, he understood that he wanted to teach history. ” I like history and wanted to be able to share it with people,” said Maxfield.

Similar to Maxfield, Jordan Buchanan also had her dream job.

Jordan Buchanan is a math teacher. She had known since she was a little girl that she wanted to teach. It was her seventh grade math teacher that helped her to learn the subject she would want to share. ” That teacher was the teacher that made me like math,” said Buchanan.

Melissa Gery, spanish teacher, had known she wanted to do something with Spanish, but didn’t know what. Later on she wanted to be a Spanish translator, but in the area she lived, it was not needed. So, she went on to become a Spanish teacher instead.

Paige Echols, a math teacher, had wanted to become an ESPN sports broadcaster. The reason she didn’t pursue that career was due to the fact that she had wanted a family, and the hours and traveling would not support that lifestyle.

People might think that they have it worked out on what they want to do in life, but sometimes those things change, people also change. However, some may get what they thought they would, and that is just how life goes.


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