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What Planet Would You Live On?

We’ve all thought about possible life on other planets, but what planet would you choose?

“I would live on Neptune because it’s so beautiful and cold there since I’m always cold,” Ashton Flick,sophomore.”I also think the name itself is unique, since it’s named after the Roman god.”

“Uranus is my favorite planet, and it’s so pretty,”Emma Weinkauf, junior. “I think it would turn me into an alien, and blue is also the best color ever.”

“Mercury, because it looks so majestic, and it literally resembles a diamond,” Jordyn Burgess,senior. “It’s also so cool that a year on Mercury is 88 Earth days.”

“I would live on Mars. It’s Earth-like, and I think it would be cool if I had the right equipment to live on Mars,” David Rice, senior said.” It’s also cool since you can see Earth from Mars.”

“I would love to live on Saturn. Its rings are so pretty, and I believe it’s the prettiest planet,” Shakira Royal,senior said. ” I also think It’s interesting that Saturn can float in water.”

“Venus has always been my favorite planet because it’s the planet of love,” Brennen Oakes,junior said. ” Venus is the second brightest planet and that’s so cool.

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