The Chatham High School prom has been set for Sat., April 14, at the Old Dominion Agricultural Center (ODAC).

Their are dress code requirements that all attendees need to review. According to the CHS Student Handbook, “Students are expected to conduct themselves with elegance and class at the prom to ensure that it remains a dignified affair.” All school rules must be obeyed.

Mrs. Christy Lipscomb, prom co-sponsor said, “The dress code hasn’t changed. If they’re [ladies] wearing a two-piece, the dress has to over-lap at all times.”

Some students are already making plans on what to wear for this special occasion.

Lauren King, junior, said, “I prefer to wear heels on prom night. I would wear my hair up or it depends on the dress and how it looks. I look for what looks good with my skin color. It better not be lame.”

Elizabeth Durham, junior, said,”I will probably wear heels and take some flats to change into while I dance. I just tried on dresses; I really didn’t pick the color.” As far as dinner, “I think the guy should take his date to San Marcos and call it a night.”

Jennifer Hernandez, senior, said, “I will more than likely wear heels. I will spend up to $500 [on a dress].”

Quintin Whitherspoon, senior, said, “I will probably get my tux from somewhere in Greensboro: I’ll pay however much it takes.”

Brianne Conner, freshman, said,”I would prefer to wear my hair up. I don’t know where I am going to get my nails done, and I don’t know how much it will cost because it’s my mom’s money.”

Naomi Moore, freshman, said,” I expect girls to wear poofy dresses at prom. I am going to Golden Leaf [for dinner]. I prefer to wear flats to prom. I pick the color [of my dress] by just trying them on. I will have my hair going up but have some falling. I am going to Perfect Nails to get my nails done.”

Samantha Bowman, junior, said, ” The most popular place people go is Outback. I prefer wearing heels to prom. I  pick my dress by going with my favorite color. I plan on spending about $200. I am having my hair down.”

Nicholas Mitchell, senior, said, “Olive Garden would be a good place to take your date before prom.”

Sierra Burnett, junior, said, ” I would go out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. I would wear heels. I probably spend no more than $1,000. I going to get my nails down somewhere in Danville.”

Jason Pool, senior, said, ” I get my tux from Woods Menswear in Danville. I spend $500 on my tux and all.”

Harper Jones, senior, said, ” I would wear my hair up because I had my hair down last year. I spend $400 on prom.”

Destiny Wilson, senior, said, ” I love Olive Garden so that where I am going. I wearing my hair down. I spend $1,000 for prom.”

Seth Hunt, senior, said, ” I would go to J.T. at the Lavalette House.”