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At the end of the year, students at CHS received their yearbooks.

Recently, yearbooks were distributed, starting with seniors first.

“I loved the cover; it was very modern compared to other years. I really liked the senior quotes and superlatives,” said Zakyah Mansfield, sophomore. ” I thought everyone looked a bit orange though. I wish there was more color; it was very black.”

“I don’t think it was the best. I liked the sports pages and pictures,” said Steven Glass, sophomore. “I didn’t really like the backgrounds of the pictures; I thought it was a little boring. I hope there is more color for the future yearbooks.”

“It was pretty okay. I also enjoyed looking at the pictures,” said Karlee Sims, freshman. “I didn’t really like the cover, and I wish there was more color.”

“The yearbook this year showed a lot of people at the school, and it showed more positivity. I liked the cover a lot,” said Michael Ortiz, sophomore. “I think it was a little too dark on the inside. I wished the layout was a bit different; it was a little cramped.”

“I think it was pretty cool. I like my class’s picture, and mine,” said Quintavia Witherspoon, sophomore. “I didn’t like how they included old pictures. I wish they would not have the old prom pictures.”

“I thought it was very nice. I like that they gave some other students more pictures. The pictures were very clean. I enjoyed the music theme that they put together,” said Grace Stowe, senior. “I didn’t like that some of the captions were small. I wish they had not combined the clubs on one page. I wish all of them had different pages.”

“I thought it was cool. I like my picture a lot; they did a good job with the individual pictures,” said Eric Wilson, freshman. “I didn’t think that there was anything wrong with it. I don’t think there would be anything I would change.”

“I thought it was pretty cute. I liked my picture a lot,” said Claire Worsham, senior. “I didn’t really not like anything. I wish on the cover that they changed where the 2023-2024 would be.”

“I liked the yearbook a lot. I really enjoyed the theme; it was cute,” said Hannah Crawley, senior. “There was nothing that I didn’t like. I don’t think that anything should be changed.”

Teachers had a positive perspective on the yearbook.

“I thought that it was put together very well. I think everyone had an opportunity to be shown more than once, and it wasn’t the same people being shown over and over again,” said Allison Puckett, science teacher. “There was nothing that I didn’t like. I think that they had more opportunities for some extra pictures.”

The 2023-2024 school year has come to an end, and the yearbook shows all the fun events that had happened.

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