The students at Chatham High School have procrastination habits, but surprisingly, they seem to put off the easy stuff.

“I don’t procrastinate at all; I do what I have to do when it is asked,” said Joanna Barbour, senior.

“I procrastinate all the time; I procrastinate on cleaning the most and the least is getting food or cooking it,” said Topanga Wolf, sophomore.

“I don’t procrastinate that much, but I do procrastinate on studying the most. I really don’t like procrastinating on cleaning so that is the last thing I will procrastinate on,” said Amber Duncan, freshman.

“I procrastinate sometimes, and I really procrastinate cleaning my room the most. Schoolwork is what I procrastinate on the least,” said Lacey Newton, freshman.

“I procrastinate sometimes; I procrastinate on studying the most and cleaning is my least procrastination,” said Emma Myers, freshman.

“The minimum amount I can is how much I procrastinate, but I do procrastinate on my chores the most. I don’t procrastinate on very serious schoolwork a lot,” said Ben Woodword, freshman.

“I procrastinate everyday. I procrastinate on doing my homework/chores the most, and I procrastinate on getting food the least,” said Cerenity Runyon, freshman.

“I procrastinate all the time. I procrastinate the most on math and history because I hate them both so much. Sleeping is something I procrastinate on the least,” said Kailey Neal, junior.

“I procrastinate all the time, and what I procrastinate on the most currently is scholarship application. It’s usually school projects the most and the least is sleep; I like to sleep,” said Jennifer Hernandez, senior.

“I procrastinate on everything. Like I wrote a research paper the night it was due, and I procrastinate on reading books the most. Doing worksheets is the least because I just do them to get them done and over with,” said Ethan Dunevant, senior.

“I procrastinate all the time; I procrastinate on homework and projects the most and classwork the least,” said Destiny Sandridge, senior.