Dress Code

The dress code at CHS is an important part of students’ daily life.

In recent years, the dress code has not changed at all, but students need to reread it each year.

The dress code outlines clothes that are appropriate for everyday. The student handbook has the dress code clearly displayed.

The list of acceptable and unacceptable clothing are listed:

Unacceptable items for girls and boys: tank tops, tube tops, strapless dresses/shirts, backless dresses/shirt, inappropriate slogans, pajamas, slippers, hats, sunglasses, sagging pants, any see through clothing, or any exposed skin four inches above the knee.

Acceptable: jeans with holes below the knee, shirts that cover cleavage, tights under dresses/skirts that meet the length required, shirts/hoodies with appropriate slogans, and flip flops/sandals.

The punishment for violating dress code is based off of how many times the students violates it. The first offense generally results in a call to the parent and BMC unless the student changes clothes.

The second offense is one day of ISS. The third offense results in three days of ISS, and after that, the student will be suspended.