Marshall’s, Target, Ross, and Old Navy are all located in the Coleman Marketplace Shopping Center.

Marshall’s has fashionable clothes for reasonable prices. They sell tons of different name-brand clothes for lower prices. Marshall’s shoe line is a combination of different brands also for cheap prices. Marshalls offer clothes for all ages.

Morgan Gay, sophomore, said ” I buy a lot of things at Marshalls like make up, Michael Kors shirts, and other name brand things because it is much cheaper there than other places.”

“I like Marshall’s because they have expensive stuff for cheaper prices. They have name brand clothing for affordable prices. Recently, I bought a Calvin Klein sweatshirt for only $25,” said Brianne Conner.

Lizzy Shumate agrees. “I like Marshall’s clothes in general. They have really cute seasonal items. I like their name brand make up.”

Target is the biggest department store in the US after Walmart. It has different brands of clothes, food, and household supplies. Their own clothing line is very fashionable and offers clothes for all ages. Target is a little bit more expensive than Walmart, but they offer great deals all the time.

“I like Target because it has everything. I like to get my groceries from there,” said Minnie White.

Ross is similar to Marshall’s in pricing. A saying for Ross is “Dress for Less”, and that is exactly what you’re doing. A lot of times they have similar or even the same clothes or very close in looks. Ross carries a variety of dresses for many occasions.

Old Navy is a clothing store that always has deals for your family. They are known for mixing and matching styles. Their style is very clean and put together. Shoes, belts, hats, scarves, and socks are other things that they make fashionable. Old Navy sells for all ages but often middle-aged people and parents shop for their children shop there.

The Danville Mall is not large, and it has changed drastically over the years; but it has a few great stores to offer fashion choices.

“I like shopping at JC Penney’s for shirts and jeans. I like to eat at the Japanese place in the food court, too.”

Journey’s is a shoes store that offers brands like Adidas, Vans, UGG, Dr. Martin, Timberland, and Birkenstocks. If a customer signs up for the discounts, Journeys will send him or her a $5 and $10 discount coupon attached to a book advertising their shoes each month.

JC Penney is a large department store with more than clothes to offer. Their clothing isn’t cheap; it depends on what you buy. JC Penney has its own brands, Arizona Jeans being one of them. This brand offers jeans, shirts, purses, and jackets. JC Penney often runs good deals in the store.

Rue 21 usually attracts younger female and male shoppers. They sell accessories and shoes as well as clothing.  Their clothing isn’t expensive but isn’t cheap either. Most things in the store usually offer a discount or a deal.

Victoria’s Secret is a famous store for the ladies. Their underwear and bras are number one sellers, but they also sell bags, lip gloss, clothes, and fragrances. Every month they have a couple of big sales that people love.

Dunhams is a big sporting store that offers almost everything. Their clothing is great for exercising, sports, and things to wear on a relaxed day. They sell a wide variety of shoes. Their clothing is expensive, but they have some good deals to make up for that.

Footlocker, Rack Room shoes, Hibbit Sports, and Finish Line are all stores that sell a variety of name brand shoes, tennis shoes mostly. They  sell a few clothes that usually match the shoes. These stores usually attract more male buyers than female.