Stores Nationwide are Suffering a Supply Shortage

All over the country, specific items at stores have become scarce and unavailable.

This supply shortage will continue to affect our country in nothing but negative ways. Currently, we are short on computer chips, cars, and foods.

Items that are commonly unavailable are as listed: Ben and Jerry’s flavors, carbonated water, chicken, coffee, frozen meals, Heinz ketchup packets, and worst of all, toilet paper.

We are seeing these shortages in our own community. When walking into the grocery store, it is noticeable that some shelves are bare. Down to drinks or spices, it is hard to find specific items.

The supply chain shortages result from extreme congestion at the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Ships full of supplies are unable to dock, and when they do transportation is a whole different issue.

Companies have had troubles in the attempt to find truck drivers to transport food and supplies. No one wants to drive all over the country for the salary given. Why have a physically taxing job when you could make the same income for an easier job.

It is expected that these shortages will continue. It is being advised to purchase Christmas gifts early while they are still in stock in fear that they may become scarce as the holiday seasons approach.

Vaccine requirements, high prices and demand, and border controls have all led to this shortage. Additionally, it is predicted that things are going to get worse before they get better.