My quarantine experience

My recent quarantine had its pros and cons.

I hated to miss Spirit Week and the Homecoming game especially since we missed last year’s entirely because of Covid. I was so disappointed.

I hated doing my school work at home. Virtual learning did not go well for me last school year.

The last reason why I don’t like being quarantined is because I can’t go anywhere. I have to stay in the house for a week. I did better with the isolation when I kept myself busy. 

One thing I did like about being quarantined is I got to sleep in; consequently, when I woke up, I was able to focus on my work better because I got enough rest.

Another thing I liked is that I listened to music while I did my work. Music motivated me to do my work even more. Some people might find it as a distraction, but it’s the opposite for me.

I also like that I could take breaks whenever I need to. Sometimes school can be so stressful that I need a break from it.

I really enjoyed a lot of quality time. If I got my work done early, I could do whatever I wanted for the rest of the day. I  watched Netflix and YouTube, was on my phone, and I took naps. As a bonus, I never got sick or symptomatic.