Popular Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great opportunity for students to go all-out for their costumes since it’s the one time of year they can express themselves outrageously through their clothing.

The number one most seen costume  was from “The purge” where people wore masks and ripped clothes with fake blood on them.

Inflatable dinosaur costumes trended on Tiktok and many stores such as Spirit Halloween sold out of this costume.

This year one of the top 10 most common costumes for a group of three have been The Powerpuff Girls.

Two of the most seen costumes this Halloween were devils and angels.

The majority of the people who dressed up as devils wore headbands with small red horns and all red clothing. The angels dressed in all white with angel wings. Chancelor Long, senior, said “Angels and devils were most definitely the costumes I saw most on Halloween.” Most people post their costumes on social media the day of Halloween or when going to a Halloween party and the most that were seen have been devils and angels.

Dressing up as a cop was also one of the most popular costumes this year. The costume either consisted of a black bodysuit with a cop hat or a short dress with a badge and hat. Some of the accessories were also handcuffs and batons.

“I think most popular, at least among older kids and teens would be the Squid Game costumes. I’ve also noticed a lot of people going for classic characters such as Harry Potter,” says junior, Amanda Dalton.