Christmas Decorations

People have very different ways of tackling their holiday decoration setups.

Some people put up Christmas decorations early because it extends excitement of the festive season.

A popular reason for putting up lights as decoration is to represent Jesus lighting up the darkness. Decorations such as fires and candles represent warmth for the winter.

Christians believe that wreaths represent the crown of  thorns worn by Jesus on the cross, and that the berries represent his blood. The circular shape is said to be the staff of the Good Shepherd. Some people decorate for Christmas to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

Others decorate to reminisce on the times when their passing loved ones was alive.

Amanda Dalton, junior, said, “My Christmas tree stays up all year in our basement, but the other decorations usually go up sometime in December. We don’t undecorate our tree because it’s so much easier just to scoot it out, and light it up when it’s time. My family decorates the exterior of our house in early December. I decorate for traditional purposes and because it gets me in a happier mood.”

Others wait until the Thanksgiving holiday is passed before starting on the Christmas season.

“After Thanksgiving, we put our Christmas tree up so it won’t be such a problem closer to Christmas. We put up outdoor decorations two days after Thanksgiving. The decorations we put up are a blow-up Santa and a Mickey Mouse, and some lights,” said Miranda Young, senior.

Ramsey Ferrugia, junior, said, “I usually put decorations up after Thanksgiving. We put up lights, a tree, and ribbons. I decorate for Christmas to get myself in a festive mood for the holidays.”

“We put up our decorations the day after Thanksgiving. We put up indoor and outdoor lights as well as a Christmas tree,” said Kota Amos, sophomore.

Carissa Carter, senior, said, “I put up my Christmas tree in mid-November. We put up outside inflatable decorations at the same time that we put the tree up. I decorate for Christmas because it’s my favorite holiday and seeing all my decorations out makes me happy.”

Some may have to wait a little later to put up their trees because of the same reason as Aly Taylor; “I usually put up my Christmas tree up mid-December because it’s a live tree, and it would probably be dead if I put it up too early. I also put up lights at the same time that I put up the tree. I decorate for Christmas traditionally,” said Aly Taylor, senior.