Weeklong Thanksgiving break

The Pittsylvania County School Board voted 6 to 1 to extend the Thanksgiving Holiday to the entire week for all students and staff members.

The decision to extend the break was attributed to the “burned out” staff, due to the lack of subs making administrators having to cover classrooms.

Chairman Samuel Burton voted against the long break due to the sudden and seemingly impulsive decision.

“It has nothing to do with if they [teachers] deserve it or not,” he said, suggesting a more thought out plan that wasn’t a “spur of the moment” decision.

Many faculty, staff, and students of Pittsylvania County Schools disagreed with Burton and are thrilled with the extra days off.

Madison Moore, senior, said,  “I’m excited about it! It’s nice to have a longer break, and it gives me more time to eat.” Other students agreed.

“This will be the greatest break, best in history!” said Seth Weiss, a senior.

Mrs. Deborah Maxey, said, “I’m glad that the school board acknowledged how hard the students and teachers have been working.”

Not everyone was pleased.  Jake Hurt, senior, said “It’s not really a break as I’m working at Subway instead of coming to school.”