Gender Neutral Bathrooms at CHS

A gender-neutral bathroom recently opened on the A1 wing. 

Many students report the bathroom being dirty and without supplies. 

Matt Kreger, a freshman, stated “There’s no trash can and no soap.” A senior student agreed. 

“It’s always out of soap. I want soap.” Jai Holmes, said. 

Students had different reactions to the addition.

“I liked the privacy, but it makes me feel more alienated at the same time,” Holmes said. “Because the space is entirely different, and it’s easier to be singled out.”

 Freshman AJ Loftis said “I wish there were more gender-neutral bathrooms. We need them around the school.” 

Many students also said they did not know the bathroom was open until someone else told them, because there was no announcement stating the bathroom was open. 

“I found out from a friend, who heard from a friend.” Holmes said.