Omicron COVID-19 Variant Causes Fear and Push for Booster Shot

Panic arises across the country as a new COVID-19 strand emerged this month.

The Biden administration immediately encouraged people again to get vaccinated.

COVID-19 booster shots are currently available for anyone 18 years and older. There is an increased push everyone to get the booster shot.

Recently, according to CBS News, Moderna’s CEO has said that the current vaccines and boosters are likely not to work well against the new variant, Omicron. This makes people question the point of the highly politicized vaccine and wonder if they eventually will have to take an entirely new vaccine.

With the rise in the Omicron varient’s presence in the United States, people have begun to fear more deaths and sickness. However, the recent data suggests the symptoms are generally mild and should not be cause for extreme panic.

Omicron was first reported in Nigeria and spread to South Africa; which makes people wonder when this variant was hatched. Infectious disease researcher, Kristian Andersen, has tracked down the estimated time that the virus likely presented itself around September or October.

President Biden is requiring stricter testing regulations for travelers coming into the United States, fearing that this virus will make its way here.

Researchers are unaware of weather this variant could be more or less deadly, however citizens should not be jumping to conclusions over incomplete evidence.