School Lunches

First Lady Michelle Obama changed school lunches when her husband was President.

She said she was for healthier and more nutritious food options.

In 2011 federal spending totaled $10.1 billion for the National School Lunch Program.

The National School Lunch Programs (NSLP) was established under the National School Lunch Act, signed by President Harry Truman in 1946.

The programs took over 100 years of development, testing, evaluating, and constant research to provide the best nutrition.I went around interviewing people and asking them what they think about school lunches and what their favorite lunches are and their least favorite.

Aly Taylor, senior said, “Everything else besides the baked potatoes are not appetizing to me.”

“It could be better, and they should give us bigger portions My favorite lunch is baked potato, and my least favorite is the chicken and rice we have every week,” said senior Chancity Wilson.

Ramsey Ferrugia, junior said, “It’s not as bad as some schools, but it’s not great. My favorite lunch is baked potato or bosco sticks and my least favorite is siracha chicken and all the soups.”