Seven Types of Winter Flowers

Flowers are a lovely way to brighten up the season and bring a bit of joy.

(1)  Snowdrops – They are also called galanthus. There are only twelve cultivated species. These appear in late winter. Their stems only produce one flower. They have droopy flower heads.

(2) Hellebores – They are also called Christmas roses. They usually appear in mid to late winter. The plants have leathery, deep green leaves. The blooms are bowl-shaped and look like wild roses. They are closely related to ranunculus.

(3) Winterberry – It is a deciduous holly. It typically grows in swamps, damp thickets, and low woods. It attracts birds.

(4) Winter Jasmine –  It is a shrub with long, arching branches and bright yellow flowers. It can grow up to 4 feet tall. It does not have the scent of most jasmine flowers.

(5) Pieris – It is a evergreen shrub that has hundreds of bell-like flowers dangling on it. It blooms in late winter. Its flowers are white, pink, and deep rose.

(6) English Primrose – There are over a hundred types. These are tightly-clustered, five-petaled flowers. Their colors are red, pink, blue, white, yellow, and orange.

(7) Glory of the Snow – They have star-shaped flowers with white in the center. The flowers come in starry blues and pinks. They bloom very early.