McLaurin Farm Christmas Lights

The McLaurin Farm, in Greensboro, NC,  creates a spectacular light display each year for Christmas.

The event opens November 26 and ends December 26; the hours are 6 PM to 8 PM. On Thursdays, they close at 8:30 P.M.

Tickets for the  hayride and walk-thru with the activity card is $20. Ust the walk-thru and activity card is $15.

Here are some of the activities they offer:

  • Write a letter to santa
  • Make an ornament
  • Ride on a train
  • See the farm animals
  • Jump on a jumping pad

Many students agreed that the destination is very fun and festive.

“When I went to see the Christmas lights, it was really fun. My favorite part was getting to see the farm animals,” said senior Quanadra Tunstall.

JT Brown, senior, said, “My favorite part was the feeling of joy I got when I saw all the different colors knowing Christmas was right around the corner.”

Yashua Bridgeforth senior, said “I would like to go to see all the different types of colorful lights because they’re so beautiful.”