The Change Covid-19 Brought to Schools.

Many students had to adapt to new learning styles  because of Covid-19 between 2020-2021.

Covid-19 brought changes to how learning is done.

Schools were mostly online in 2020-2021 students; many students found last school year only easier, in retrospect, to this year.

Jake Shorter, a senior, says that “Being on the computer, being able to learn at your own pace, really helped me bring up my grades last year. I was able to have more time to myself and spend more time at work.”

Olivia Imus, agreed, saying,  “I have a job, and learning when ever I wanted made it a lot easier on my work life. Having my time to do assignments was less stressful as well.”

A lot of students agreed that last year was much easier. They enjoyed the laid-back teaching style.

The days off where appreciated all around, with this year being stressful and with limited teachers.

Some students are hoping for a change back to hybrid, or fully online, school.