Chatham High On Christmas Break

Students are excited for Christmas break and are looking forward to many activities.

“On Christmas Eve, we have an oyster roast with family and friends. Then we have a mistletoe shoot where we shoot mistletoe out of trees with shotguns, and make mistletoe balls,” said Ramsey Ferrugia, junior.

Amanda Dalton, junior, said “I am looking forward to seeing Spiderman: No Way Home. I am also excited to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.”

Yashua Bridgeforth, senior, said “I am looking forward to to see my family, and open presents, with hopes of attending my uncle’s Christmas party.”

“I’m looking forward to eating yummy food, playing my game, and sleeping in,” said senior, Donovan Garland.

Anna Stone, senior, said “I am really looking forward to seeing my boyfriend who lives in Alabama, and I am very excited to eat some really good food.”

Heaven Robertson, senior, said “I am really excited to be travelling to New York City for the holidays, I will be visiting Rockefeller Center, Union Square Holiday Market, and do some shopping.”

Jonathan Hodnett, senior, said ” I is looking forward to spending time with his family and going hunting everyday of break.”

“I can’t wait to open gifts and eat Christmas dinner with my family,” said Chancelor Long, a senior.