Students Share Thoughts On Next Semester at CHS

Students and faculty are on the homestretch and headed towards Christmas break after a difficult and challenging semester.

Some students are looking forward into 2022 and wanted to share their thoughts and predictions for next semester.

Samantha Woods, a junior, said, “I believe the mask mandate will be lifted due to the election of the new governor. Along with that, the freshmen will probably make some new trends leading to another announcement from Mr. Reece. Thanks for nothing, Class of 2025.”

Some students seem quite optimistic about the next semester, including Mary Spain.

Mary Spain, a junior, said, “I am anticipating a better semester than the current one we are in. Hopefully the freshmen will straighten up, the masks will be lifted, and everyone will be back in the swing of things, in a pre-covid19 mindset. I am excited for a new start and ready to take on challenging classes with a brave face.”

Despite the optimistic outlook of some students, other students think some of the same negative behavior will carry over after break into next semester.

Tyler Hoffman, a junior, said, “Im expecting more of the same, hopefully the bathrooms will be open though. It’s not everyone’s fault, just a few, so punish them, not the population. Now we are timed by a teacher. Hopefully things get better.”

There seems to be a general optimism that next semester will bring new endeavors to CHS.