All to know about Budgerigars

Budgerigars, or parakeets as they are more commonly known, are the most popular pet bird in the world.

Affectionately nicknamed budgies, they are a small seed-eating parrot in the Psittacidae family.

It is important to know the proper care, behavior, and life expectancy.

Budgies can live up to 10 years if taken care of properly.

Budgies can mimic human speech, love being around their owners, and will do tricks, and small dances to help gain their owners’ affection.

Noodles, my three-year-old female, loves to be in my company.Although they are small birds, budgies need a lot of cage space. The recommended size per budgie is twice its wing span deep and four wing spans across. For example, the size of a small dog cage would be perfect. These cages are often called “flight cages.” The size of cage is per budgie; if you were to have two or three birds together, the cage size would double or triple. Bigger is always better for birds. Even with a large cage, budgies need a lot of out of cage time; two hours per day is the best.

Iris, my three year old albino, cannot fly  well so she loves to nestle inside of my bedding. The lack of pigment makes the feathers brittle. 

Budgies’ diets should be varied. Although seed-eaters, they should eat fresh fruits and vegetables. They are messy eaters and need to be cleaned up after. Because fruits and vegetables decay, leftovers should be removed immediately.

My budgies love scrambled eggs and strawberries on top of their daily seeds.

Foods to be careful of are salty foods, chocolate, and products containing caffeine or alcoholic beverages.

Budgies, in general,  do not do well alone; budgies can die of loneliness if not given 24/7 attention or paired with a companion bird. It is better to have one or two more budgies to play with.

Noodles and Iris have been around each other since they were babies; they adore each others’ company.

Budgies are very playful birds. They enjoy throwing toys, shaking them, or even playing with decor you may have around your room.

The best toys have no mirrors, bells, or have natural woods for them to chew on.

Budgies need special perches too; each one should be a different size, different texture, and made out of wood or rope. They love to bathe. A large bathing dish is recommended. Many budgies enjoy taking showers with their owners.

Iris playing with a figure she found on my shelf.

Budgies are very curious; they can get themselves in weird situations and odd spots. To prevent this, I hang sticks I found outside, from my ceiling to give them items to perch on when they are out of their cages playing. Perches are very easy to make; just gather some sticks in different sizes and shapes. Tie a piece of rope to each side, then hang from the ceiling. Many owners even hang toys above the perches to further interest for their birds.

Noodles inspecting what’s on my computer screen.

Budgies make lovely pets, but as with all pets they need special care. Make sure you do your own research and decide what’s best for your own budgies. Like people, each budgie is different and complex, with different interests and favorite food preferences.