Alexandra Reid – Teacher Spotlight

Ms. Alexandra Reid is in the Teach Spotlight this week.

Reid has been a math teacher for three years and is the head softball coach for the Lady Cavs. “My job is very rewarding, I love interacting with my kids every day and helping them love math.” Reid said. She chose her profession because she’s always wanted to be a teacher. Her mother is also a math professor at a college. “I’ve always loved helping people learn and understand new concepts,” Reid said.

Reid was an undergraduate from Concord University in math education. She then attended Averett University and earned her masters in curriculum and instruction. “ Take life with a grain of salt and surround yourself with people who bring you up and make you a better person,” Reid said as advice for her students. Reid enjoys working out, playing with her dogs, traveling, and sleeping in her free time.

Reid’s fondest memory in her teaching career is watching her kids grow up from freshman year to senior year and to see the wonderful people they become. “ Watching my kids leave here or even just not teaching great classes  is my least enjoyable aspect [of being a teacher],” Reid said. Her most enjoyable of being a teacher is having an amazing department who are not just her co-workers but her best friends.

Teacher spotlight is where Chatham’s amazing faculty and staff are recognized for their hard work and dedication. Each week a different teacher, principal, janitor, etc. will be selected and be recognized. They will be interviewed and asked questions so students that can get to know them better.