Senior Spotlight: Chancelor Long

Chancelor Long is seventeen and a senior at Chatham High School this 2021-2022 school year.

Chancelor feels good about being a senior and he’s ready to graduate. He says what he will miss about high school is seeing his friends everyday.

“High school was easy for me, I just don’t think I applied myself to my fullest potential,” he said.

He played football and ran track in high school. After high school, he plans on playing football at Ferrum College.

His favorite class in highschool was Mr. Farr’s English 12 class because it was “fun and chaotic.”

“My best friend in high school is Yashua Bridgeforth,” Chance said.

Chancelor says he hasn’t experienced senioritis at all in his senior year.

His advice for the incoming freshmen is, “Don’t do anything stupid and don’t act childish.”

The highlight of his senior year was football season, when he was top 10 in the state for rushing yards.