Baseball is Ready For This Season, What Have They Been Doing to Prepare?

The boys’ baseball team is preparing physically and mentality upcoming season.

Spring sports have begun and the work has begun to become the best team in the district.

The team has been on a roll since 2019 when they were the state champions. This team has continued to practice and practice to become better and better each day.

“Staying hydrated and working hard are how I prepare myself,” said Dawson Newell, senior.  “I focus on ground and fly balls, defensive plays, different defense and offense plays,” he said. “We practice up to 5 hours sometimes.”

Carrington Aaron, a junior, answers to other questions. Is conditioning different from your regular practices? “Conditioning is a lot more strength building stuff; practice is more of getting ready to play,” Aaron said. What is your mentality as a player on the team? Aaron responded with, “Getting better and being a leader on the team.” If the weather is bad, where do you go to practice instead of on the field? “It just depends. Sometimes if we have the tar on and it’s not extremely wet, we will pull the tarp on and get some infield work in,” said Aaron. “But if it is too wet, we will go to the baseball facility in Danville and get all the work done in there.”

Head coach, Chad Anderson, also a P.E. teacher at CHS, answers some questions about his team and what his expectations are. How are you preparing your players for this season? “We prepare our players through game like situations in practice,” says Anderson. What is the mentality you want your players to have? Anderson responds with, “For mentality, I want them to be mentally strong enough to handle failure the right way.” What are your record predictions for this season? “My predictions are that we are going to continue to be better each day and we will see what happens in May or June,” Anderson says.

The baseball team and coaches are both working to be the best players and coaches. This team’s mentality is stable, balanced, committed, and unshakeable. They are willing to give everything 110% to reach their goals, their own expectations and their teammates. Their long practices will pay off and they still put in the work even when the weather is not on their side. This team is determined this season, and are not letting up so they can be the best they can ever be.