Freshman year

A freshman provided insight into her freshman year.

Mariam Afify, a 14-year-old freshman has enjoyed her first year as a high school student.

“My favorite part about high school is that I have more freedom, and I get to see my  friends more often than last year because of Covid,” Mariam said. “My least favorite part is that I  don’t enjoy the little amount of time I have between classes and that the classrooms are so far apart. I also don’t like how the lunches are divided.”

She has made lots of new friends since coming to high school and has become very close with a couple seniors.

This semester Mariam is taking advanced earth science with Gary Poindexter; geometry with Allie Reid, French with Sheri Williams and gym with Coach Joseph Fielder.

“I am planning on trying out for the JV volleyball team next year. I am not in any clubs because I  already have too many extracurricular activities,” she said.

Mariam was most excited for the Spirit Week and pep rallies coming into high school. She said, “I was upset when we didn’t have a pep rally this year.”

The biggest change from middle to high school for Mariam is making to class on time because of how far away her classes are from each other and how less strict the high school is. Mariam expressed the hardest thing she has done this year is trying to learn and remember the material for exams.