Senior Baseball Players Last Season

Senior baseball players are enthusiastic about their final high school baseball season. 

Henry Hurt, Dawson Newl, Colby Owen, and Cameron “Cam” Satterfield had plenty to say about the last games. 

“I’m excited; this is the last year I get to play,” outfielder Owen said.

“It’s going to be sad; it’s the last season, but I’m happy to move on,” catcher Satterfield said.

Baseball has made impacts on the players’ lives and have helped them grow to be better people.

“It [Playing baseball] taught me how to work with a team and lead by example,” first base player Newl said.

“Most definitely, [baseball] taught me the benefits of failure, benefits of hard work, and introduced me to a lot of good people,” utility player Hurt said.

Some of the players plan to attend a four year college to play baseball.  Hurt is hoping to play at a college but is still undecided. Newl’s decision is still unknown. Owen does not plan to play in college; however, he is still going to attend a four year school. Satterfield is committed to Patrick Henry Community College to play.

Each senior hopes to have a great season. 

“I think I’ll play well, practice has been going well,” Satterfield said.

“Hopefully good,” said Owen.

“We’ll see,” Hurt said.

“I hope I’ll do good,” said Newl.

The coach is positive about the coming season. 

“I think that the seniors will play a major role [in a successful season],  if we are fortunate enough to be successful,” Coach Chad Anderson said.

The Varsity team practices more and more daily as weather permits as the first game of the season nears. 

“It has been going really well because our guys have been bringing the juice,” Anderson said.