Popular Netflix Shows

Students may enjoy and binge-watch these shows when they have freetime.

The series Ozark is an American crime-drama that is four seasons long. It’s about a financial adviser who has to launder $5 million in five years to satisfy a drug boss, which forces him to have to move with his family from Chicago to the Missouri ozarks.

All of Us Are Dead is a Korean drama that just came to Netflix this year with one season. It’s about a zombie outbreak that occurs at a high school. It starts by a hamster that nips a student’s finger, causing panic and chaos.

Never Have I Ever is an American comedy-drama that is two seasons long. It’s about a teen who is going through the usual tribulations of being a teenager in high school, like dating and popularity.

The series Manifest is an American supernatural drama that has three seasons as of right now on Netflix. It’s about a group of passengers who got on a flight that mysteriously lands five years later after takeoff.

Raising Dion is a series that has two seasons and is an American superhero drama. It’s about a boy with superpowers that his widowed single mom suddenly discovers. She tries to figure out how to raise him safely and help him to control his powers.

Emily in Paris is an American comedy-drama that has two seasons. It’s about a marketing executive named Emily who moves from Chicago to Paris for a job offer to be the American perspective.

The show Atypical is a four season comedy-drama. It’s about the everyday life of an autistic teen who goes through romance, challenges, and friendship.

Umbrella Academy is an American superhero series that has two 0seasons. It’s about a group of estranged siblings (with powers) who are reunited from their father’s passing and they uncover shocking family secrets that can be a threat to humanity.

Students had some opinions about these shows.

Never Have I Ever

Chancelor Long, senior, said, “It’s a very interesting and amazing show.”


Autumn Cassell, freshman, said, “It was a very suspenseful show, and I couldn’t stop watching it!”

Umbrella Academy

Taylynn Fitzgerald, senior, said, “I can’t wait for them to release another season. I loved every character, scene, and the plot. I rate this show one thousand out of ten, would recommend.”

Raising Dion

Donavan Garland, senior, said, “It’s a good show and I like how the kid protects his mom.”

All of Us Are Dead

Ameia Harris, senior, said, “This series was amazing! It had me engaged and fascinated with the graphics. At one point I thought the series related to the U.S current situation, with the pandemic.”

Taylynn Fitzgerald said, “It made me upset at times, but it was good but also scary to me.”