Negative Effects of Social Media

Social media can have a negative impact on students and teachers.

Most people think that social media can influence views on reality.

“Yes, sometimes social media makes people feel bad about their body types; they try to make them seem like something their not,” said Semiyah Royal, ninth grader. Another freshman agrees.

“You can get insecure about yourself  because you’re seeing all the fake bodies people have, and then if you don’t look like that then you’re ugly, ” said Ameyea Murphy.

According to Internet sources, social media can affect your mental health, because it causes lack of sleep, and it can cause FOMO (fear of missing out). Cyber-bullying is also an issue.

Mrs. Makayla Dalton, a math teacher said,  “Yes, 100% yes, because somebody could call a girl ugly on her post, and she’s going to believe it. People are mean and when you’re mean that’s going to affect people’s mental health. People see things on social media, and they believe that and they think they can live a fake l