School Tutoring

Teachers are available after school to tutor students who want to improve their skills.

Several students have taken advantage of this opportunity.

“What makes a great tutor is someone who realizes what the student is struggling with, and who works towards helping the student understand what they’re struggling with,” said Landon Oakes, freshman.

Everyone learns differently with the three types of learning. The three types of ways are visual, kinesthetic, or auditory, according to,what%20you%20learn%20in%20class.

“I learn better with the kinesthetic learning type, because when I physically touch something, it makes me remember better, said Autumn Cassell, freshman.

Some students learn better in seeing things, physical touch, or sometimes even just listening to the tutor.

“I learn well from all types,” said, Oakes.

“Repetition is key, more examples help the students click”, said Zachary Williams, teacher of earth science.

All students have strengths and weaknesses. Some students may have trouble focusing or listening. They also might have a preferred learning environment. “I think that it is the easiest for the students to learn better when there are only a few people in the room at the time and when its quiet,”  said Williams.

“When I learn, I like it quiet because it helps me focus more,” said Cassell.

Everyone has their own preference, and some like in-person tutoring better than online tutoring.”I like in-person tutoring better because I feel like I understand more when I hear the tutorer talk in-person,” said Oakes.

“I definitely recommend tutoring even if you think that you have learned the topic, you still could get a little more educated on that specific topic,” said Cassell.