Can you survive without the internet?

Students at Chatham use the Internet daily in their personal, work, and academic lives; if we lose the capability to use it, disaster would perhaps ensue.

Almost every cellular device or computer uses the Internet to provide information.

There were an estimated 4.66 billion Internet users worldwide according to Statista.

That means that out of  over 7.7 billion people, over half of them use the Internet daily.

People are able to immediately look up whatever they need and get an immediate answer.

The Internet is the main source of entertainment for many people.

Some young people say they can’t live without “Snapchat” or “Tik Tok.”

A survey said that 50% of teens feel addicted to their phones, while 59% of parents believe that kids are addicted to their cellphones.

“I use the internet everyday it’s a big part of my life,” said Kota Amos, sophomore.  “I don’t think I could last a day, much less an hour, without the internet,” Amos said.

“I think I could [survive without it] after I passed the stage of adjusting to it,” says Brooke Lopez-Mahaley, sophomore.