Seniors Are Arranging Their Lives For Their Futures

Seniors are deciding their plans for life after graduation.

“I am interested in Ferrum College, Liberty University, and Old Dominion University because they all have a bachelor degrees in social services,” said Carissa Carter. “I am looking forward to freedom and not having to be in school for seven hours everyday in college, Carter said. “I don’t plan on joining a sorority because I do not want to live in a house with a bunch of girls, and I don’t like drama.”

“The colleges that I am interested in are Virginia State University, Randolph College, William Peace University, and Shaw University,” Quanadra Tunstall said. “These colleges interest me more and most are dealing with playing basketball.” She said, “I want to major in sports medicine because it’s the field that interests me the most. My educational goals for college are to get my degree, to move, and further my career,” Tunstall said.

“I am committed to Virginia State University because they are giving me a shot to play for their football team,” Chancelor Long said. “On top of athletics, I want to major in sports medicine and become a personal trainer. Life lessons I’ve learned that I’m taking to college with are staying aware, to not slack off and giving 100 percent,” Long said.