Ginny Farthing – Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Ginny Farthing is in the Teacher Spotlight this week.

Farthing has been a teacher for twenty-three years and loves doing what she does.

“The aspect of my job that I enjoy most is the connections I am able to make with my students. Working with young adults is such a joy and privilege,” Farthing said. She actually didn’t choose teaching. “I’d like to say it chose me. The schedule worked well with family life and afforded me the opportunity to be around young people,” Farthing said.

Farthing received a bachelor of arts in biology from Randolph Macon Woman’s College which is now known as Randolph College.

Recognize the value of Now. This is your time, and time is not renewable, Farthing said as advice to her students. Farthing enjoys cooking, being outside, reading and being with people she loves.

“My fondest memory in Farthing’s class is the meditation sessions the students had before class,” Ryan Minter, a junior, said. Minter enjoyed making a biological footprint in her class also.

Even though she has many, Farthing’s fondest memory is when one of her students gained the courage in her class to share her story about her Ostomy with her classmates.

“My least enjoyable aspect of being a teacher would have to be paperwork,” Farthing said. Her most enjoyable aspect would the relationships she has made on the way.

“Enjoyable aspects in her class were the random conversations we shared,” Austin Jones, a senior, said. Farthing inspired Jones to find science more interesting and to look deeper into it.

Teacher spotlight is where Chatham’s  faculty and staff are recognized for their hard work and dedication. Each week a different teacher, principal, janitor, etc. will be selected and be recognized.